On Friday I posted a mini update announcing Earth Hour for Saturday.  This year was even bigger than years previous. I hope this is a trend that continues not a fad that fizzles out. At as child (highschool aged) of the 70’s I have seen the green thing come and go in one cycle already. I am happy to see it back and I will do anything to make the new Green feel welcome enough to stay around for a bit.

For my part in the Earth Hour celebration, I took a walk. I live in the coastal bend area of Texas and my city was not one of those participating. Further, I live with people who I could not convince to turn off the lights and  TV so I turned off what I had control of and went walking to a place near my house where I like to observe wildlife. It was a lovely evening. The moon was nearing full. Venus was high in the sky. The ducks that still remain were active in the little pond. The osprey that has not yet left for the north country was on her perch overseeing the Laguna Madre and the little pond.

Sitting quietly on the edge of the pond I heard the crickets, the tree frogs, the large frogs and all the other chorus of the night start their symphony in slow, incremental stages. Black Bellied Whistling Ducks flew, in groups of 2 to 10, seeking the place they roost in the night. Laughing Gulls made their nightly commute from their foraging sites to the islands of the Laguna for their nightly rest. Slowly, the color of the sky passed from pale to deep blue and the stars came out. All in all, an excellent Earth Hour.