In a perfect world, I’d be a week or two ahead of myself with posts so that it would be easy to keep to the schedule. I, however, have not yet created a perfect world. I had started a post about the Gulf Oil Spill but at the moment it doesn’t have a point and is nothing more than a rant. If that were the purpose of this blog, there would be nothing wrong with a rant. Ranting is not why I started this thing. I may still do that post but, I hope, that I can go from a rant about the terrible thing that is into, so how can we come to care enough about what might be to actually take steps to make a difference before we create a catastrophe like the Gulf Oil Disaster. And, how can we teach young people how to do the same. I haven’t written that post yet, at least with regards to the oil in the gulf. Its time will come.

I guess, since I wasn’t really prepared, I’ll do a short inventory about the state of the garden. The cool weather flowers have just now reached a point where they are nearly fully past. This is a delight because last year they were gone in February. I need to think about what to replace them with. I am open to suggestions.

  • What hot weather plants do you like that will thrive in the hot, muggy, salty Gulf air?
  • What are your favorite summertime butterfly flowers?

And, speaking of butterflies, I have a major butterfly nursery going on under the eaves of my house. I think I counted 12 Monarch chrysali. (What is the plural of chrysalis, anyway?) One appears to be on the verge of breaking. I have taken to watching it several times a day so I don’t miss it. As of this typing, it is still not open. I will make a point of capturing, in photos, any that I do see and posting them here. It’s the next skill I need to master anyway.

This year has been a lean year for hummingbirds. Any of you other gulf coasters having a similar issue? Last year was a banner year so it was a tough act to follow but I don’t think I have seen 4 hummers, total, at my feeders for all of May. That is unusual.

The night blooming jasmine is getting set to bloom. I am hoping that will bring some of the hummingbird moths and perhaps a luna moth or two. I’ll let you know.

  • And you, what’s the state of your garden?