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TheNatureSchool has a new host, NetworkSolutions, and its own domain name: . It is still running a wordpress theme.  This will be the second to last post at The next post will be a simple post to redirect anyone from here to there.

I will leave the blog up here for a period of time to allow anyone who was following me here to find me there.

Moving forward I plan to have a more structured approach. I have two primary goals for the remainder of 2010:

  1. to improve the quality of the content and
  2. to increase my readership.

I began TheNatureSchool in January, in the middle of a school year, because I knew that I needed to take action to move myself forward along the course of doing Nature and Environmental Education. After several years applying for jobs in the field, without successfully securing one, I knew that I needed to stop waiting for that ship to come in and start building my own ship. TheNatureSchool blog is the beginning of that ship. With the blog I got an idea of the frame, now I am working to make sure that frame is solid so that I can rely on its support as I continue to build the TheNatureSchool.

Next week, July 4th, begins a 4 part series that follows the phases of the moon from waxing 1st quarter to full. The series will have a variety of lessons associated with different subjects to use in school, camp or just for fun. I look forward to watching the moon with you.

Join me!