I am a teacher. I have always been a teacher. (As a kid I was the class “know-it-all”.) By definition, since I am a teacher I am also a student.  I have the learned the most from and in nature. I am not an adventurous nature geek. I care far too much for comfort. I am more of a “hundred acre wood” nature geek. It’s not so much the tameness of the hundred acre wood that I like but the intimacy. And the simplicity. I find too much wildness overwhelming and so I seek the quietness of the small patches of nature that exist here and there. Besides for me and, I think, for most of us, the small “hundred acre woods” kinds of places are more accessible.

In this blog I hope to explore ways to connect with ourselves and with the natural world in those hundred acre woods kinds of places. I hope you will join me.